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System Finding out of Balance Ratings from Kinetic Knowledge

Digital Discovery, 2024, Accepted ManuscriptDOI: 10.1039/D4DD00036F, Paper Open Access &nbsp This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported Licence. Veerupaksh Singla, Qiyuan Zhao, Brett SavoieThe absence of computational methods to predict stressor-specific degradation susceptibilities represents a significant and costly challenge to the introduction


North Sea oil decline: ‘We will be able to’t have a repeat of what came about to 80s miners’

Unlikely alliance of unions and climate groups call for ‘clear and funded’ transition plan for communities reliant on dwindling industry“In this city, everyone feels the decline of the North Sea,” says Chris Douglas, 39, who has lived in Aberdeen his whole life and began working