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Water Supply

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Water is a key component in determining the qualities of every ones live. Today, people are concerned about the quality of water they drink. Although water covers more than 70% of the Earth, only 1% of the Earth's water is available as a source of drinking. Yet, our society continues to contaminate this precious resource.Water is known as a natural solvent. Before it reaches the consumer's tap, it comes into contact with many different substances, including organic and inorganic matter, chemicals, and other contaminants. Many public water systems treat water with chlorine to destroy disease-producing contaminants that may be present in the water.Although disinfection is an important step in the treatment of potable water, the taste and odor of chlorine is objectionable. And, the disinfectants that are used to prevent disease can create by products which may pose significant health risks. Today, drinking water treatment at the point-of-use is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity!Explotec Technology Enterprise are now persistent to protect water during distribution from source to the tap and increaseefficiency and lifetime of overall system and make it potable. Explotec-Water Supply System Treatment resolved problems in the distribution lines (piping systems) carrying water such as reddish/brown water, microbial & algae formation, unpleasant water scent among others. With the correct dosing application of our “Water Treatment” in the water systems we will obtain desirable & significant results without any worries of health safety, maintenance & operations.We ensure to the clients great benefits by reducing water loss due to leakage created by pinholes, consumption of chlorine, maintenance & material cost such as changing of water pipelines, savings on electrical consumptions, maintaining the efficiency of equipment and extending the life span of the equipment like heaters, chillers etc., through that it lessen the operational maintenance cost of a company and our most target is to give clean, safe, non-toxic & potable water, eliminates any outbreak of water-borne diseases for the water consumer.

Long life of the plant (> 40 years)
No need to demineralize water
No CO2 emission
No fuel very environmentally friendly to implement (little space, no exhaust)
Simple start up procedures
Automatic and continuous operation
Simple maintenance procedure
No operator attendance required

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