BEDO Bio-Disinfektion efficiently combats dangerous, disease-causing germs in water
pipelines and tanks. Acting as an oxidant on viruses and bacteria, no microbiological
resistance can occur. Penetrating and reliably eliminating biofilm layers (embedding
and protecting microorganisms in a slime layer against standard methods), the organic
disinfection proves to be superior to most conventional disinfectants, as for example
chlorine based products.
BEDO Bio-Disinfection provides effective control of pathogens like legionella pneumophila,
escherichia coli, salmonella spp. etc.; environmentally friendly it decomposes
into pure water and oxygen; no scents or colorants added.

For the cleaning and environmentally healthy disinfection of piping systems and tanks
for service water; applicable for hot and cold water.
Legionnaires’ disease is caused by bacteria thriving in aquatic systems. Outbreaks
of the disease are particularly associated with fountains, cruise ships and all sorts of
complex water cycles and cooling systems in large buildings, as for example reactivated
pipelines of schools after
summer holiday.

Environmentally friendly and healthy (does not cause any allergies) cleaning and disinfection
of swimming pools, spas, for bathing water treatment and circulation pipes.
Works quickly and reliably against germs, kills bacteria and significantly reduces
viruses and fungi.
Since hydrogen peroxide will not adversely interact with current pool chemicals, BEDO
Bio-Disinfectant can also be used in addition to conventional treatments

Especially developed for sewage treatment plants, the eco-friendly disinfectant can
serve a wide range of applications for private and professional users. None of its
ingredients are hazardous to health, and in the right dosage the solution is completely
harmless to plants and the environmental.
For large scale and industrial applications proportional dosing systems / supply modules
are recommended.

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